Here is a gallery of the CF-XX Super Arrow. This is a new concept Canadian built Interceptor.

The Super Arrow is dedicated to the dream that Canada can rise to the challenge and build our own interceptors. With the advent of super computers and rapid prototyping, we can build this aircraft and build it for less money while creating jobs here in Canada. I designed this to illustrate that the dream of the Arrow and now Super Arrow will never die.

With enough of a budget, we can recruit engineers from universities across Canada, we can create jobs here in Canada and build a superior aircraft to defend Canadian air space. This aircraft comes to symbolize the "what if?" factor.

The only thing we are missing is the will to do it. Years ago, a MACH 3 wind tunnel cost multiple millions to build and now, its done with software and its free from Autodesk. That's just one example of how the price of technology has come down. At the very least, we should at least try. I choose to believe we can rise to the occasion and we are more than "Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water."

We support the bid to rebuild the Arrow as presented by Bourdeau Industries. Given how much this project is going to cost Canadian tax payers, we believe its the fiduciary responsibility to ensure those funds are spent in Canada. Their submission will cost less, provide a superior aircraft, employ thousands of Canadians and, possibly, may even provide for a platform to eventually build the Super Arrow. (Please note, we are not formally involved with Bourdeau Industries. I'm just a single Canadian designer, who is a patriot who believes this nation can do so much better than what we have now. Since I launched this, I've received thousands of hits on the site, has thousands view the video and now I'm collaborating with other professionals to design up the next version of the Super Arrow. Demand that the next fighter/Interceptor that Canadians get is built in Canada. Contact your MP and support Bourdeau Industries. Thank you. -Joe Green_